Privacy & Policy

The aim of privacy policy is to let the people know how their ‘personally identifiable information’ (PII), which is acquired while registration into site or app is used. Once they collect the PII, save securely and use according to the requirement of the website. In general, the PII are the details of the person who registeredor ordered through a particular website. These details will be name, email address, phone number and other important personal details.

How PII will be used?

Personal information collected from the users through various ways such as registration, orders, subscriptions and others will be used for various purposes, in the following ways.

  • This information is used for sending the type of content or product offerings in which user shows interest.
  • This information is also collected in order to improve the performance of the website as well as the applications, which indeed will help in serving better than at present.
  • It is also used whenever there are customer service requests from the user end, to offer them better service.
  • The other purpose of using this information is for administering contest or promotion or survery or other required features of the site.

Is PII protected at our website?

Yes, definitely PII is protected, from the website. However, the information we collect from user does not require any bank information related credit cards or account numbers or other related details. We do not focus on using vulnerability scanning, malware scanning or SSL certificate. Our rime intention is to offer you articles and related information.

Are cookies used in our website?

Yes, cookies are used in the website, and they are very small files induced from the service provider to the user PC. They help in providing better services and offer products in which users are interested according to the data received. Cookies are also used for keeping track off the advertisements.

Is there any worry of third parties?

Users no need to worry about their personal information, because this will not be sold or trade or transferred to other parties.

Third party links

Website contains other third party products as well as services, but we are not responsible or liable for the content or even any activities regarding these linked sites. However, we definitely consider our users feedback regarding these third party links.

Google Adsense

All the Google’s advertising requirements are summed by the Google’s Advertising principles and are put only to improvise the users experience on the website.

Implementations on our website

The implementations we have taken care to improvise the user experience are in the following areas:

  • Remarketing with Google Adsense
  • Preferences for Google Ad settings page
  • Children Online Privacy Protection Act
  • CAN-SPAM Act

We collect email-ids from our users in order to send information, respond to inquiries or other information or questions. In order to go according to the CAN-SPAM, we restrict not to use false or misleading subjects or email addresses of the users. We also provide our users with an option to unsubscribe from receiving the emails in future.