FaceApp Pro APK Download For Android Free

By Faceapp | July 20, 2019

FaceApp Pro APK Download For Android Free: Many applications in the Google Play Store are available for free but to access the provision of it, you would have to take some money according to the developer. FaceApp Pro for android is one such application. In case you don’t already know about the FaceApp, it is the most trending application in the world on both Google Play Store as well as Apple App store at this point of time. The main reason for it is the faceapp challenge which was created by somebody and many celebrities around Hollywood, Bollywood, YouTube and so on took the challenge up and made it into a big thing. A certain bit of controversy is also attached to the application, as of now and basically everything about the application is given in the article below. Hence, stay tuned and you will be updated with all of them.

FaceApp Pro For Android

FaceApp APK Dwonload For Android Free

The free application is called FaceApp only without the word “pro” in it. What it actually does is that it uses artificial intelligence in order to make your selfies look older or younger according to your preferences. Teenagers are using it to know how they might look when they are old while the older people are getting a nostalgia trip by turning their selfies into their younger selves. The most beautiful part about the application is the interface which does not even take much time to change your facial looks and gives you a very detailed picture after you have done so.

The application is available on Google Play Store for absolutely free and the number of downloads are increasing every single day in huge numbers. The main reason for it is the challenge and almost everybody is trying the challenge up. One can also take another’s picture and make them look old which is why any Facebook pages and Instagram pages which are actually fan clubs are using it too. 

FaceApp Pro For Android Details

When you download the FaceApp from the Google Play Store you would be enticed to also get the pro version of it since a lot of features are not actually available in the normal version. However, you can of course change your look to older or younger using the free version but a lot more can also be done using the pro version. When you proceed to purchase the FaceApp pro for Android, it asks you to pay money.

FaceApp Pro

You can add amazing tattoos, beard on your face and can even swap gender using the pro version of it which is much more fun. FaceApp pro for android is available for free also if you download an APK from a third party website.

Faceapp For Android

Otherwise, you would have to purchase it spending money from your Google Play wallet. Add money on your Google Play wallet using redeem codes or even your bank account directly using your debit card. The main matter of the fact is the price of the FaceApp pro for android is not as high as well. The price of the FaceApp Pro for android is Rs 299 if you pay monthly, Rs 133 per month if you take the 12 months subscription and Rs 3099 if you take it forever, without having to pay anything else.

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